New Skoda – Take a Look at All the Models and Versions

Australia is a large market for cars where the roads are nice to drive, and it is a place of distances. Families love to drive outdoors for weekends and holidays. So, all makes of cars find the market quite attractive. Skoda has a sizeable presence in Australia with dealerships in major cities throughout the country. You can buy most new skoda cars in Australia since they keep launching their new models all the time. If you are keen on buying any of the models from Skoda, get to the nearest dealer and find more information.

Each Model has Different Trims and Features

The way the dealers of Skoda cars make the customers familiar with the models is appreciable. They detail them model wise. You will find skoda fabia being made available in all its variations such as Ambition, Wagon, Monte Carlo and RS and RS Wagon. All 5 variations have the same 1200cc or 1.2-litre engine with the transmission being offered in both the manual and automatic options. Other features like the airbags would be common in all the versions. The are differences in 5-speed and 7-speed transmissions; the 7-speed ones being automatic can also be observed in the different cars within the Fabia model.

Almost on similar lines, the skoda Octavia models will have the Wagon, RS Wagon and the RS versions besides the basic Octavia model. The Octavia models sport a 1.4-litre engine, but you can choose the diesel engine also if your preference is for the same. These cars offer excellent mileage, and their safety features are quite impressive. The space in the interior and the 8-inch infotainment panel really takes the cake. The Octavia is positioned as a family car. The RS Wagon is the Sports version with a higher volume 2-litre engine with all the features that the Octavia is already popular for.

The SUV from Skoda

While the range of new skoda cars discussed above are popular in Australia, the brand’s SUV is the skoda yeti. The SUV has another version, Yeti Outdoor, which is a 4×4 drive that is even more attractive than the main model. The model has several features in terms of the utility value of the vehicle allowing the user to switch the seats inside to make more room or the safety features allowing a full view of the rear of the car while being reversed. Brisbane City Skoda

Get All the Benefits

The car maker owned by VW would like the car buyers to expect the best features in their cars that the European automobiles have come to be popular for, but they have indicated that the prices would be proportionately much lower. If you are investing in a new skoda car, it is better to understand the different offers that the Skoda dealer near you is giving on the new cars and the financing options being extended. In fact, they have schemes on loans and leasing arrangements for individuals. For businesses wanting to buy Skoda cars, there will be suitable finance deals for them also. Find if you can get a better insurance policy as well.

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